Ultimate Listening™

The Art and Science of Effective Conversation

Listen to Yourself and Trust Your Own Inner Wisdom


July 17-19, 2020

This workshop will be held virtually through Zoom

Program Cost:  $500

September 23-27, 2020 - Men Only

Celina, TN

Program Cost: Includes lodging - $830/person for single occupancy; $415/person for double occupancy

October 29 - 31, 2020

This workshop will be held virtually through Zoom

Program Cost:  $500

July 9-14, 2021

Ballinfull, County Sligo, Ireland

Program Cost: Includes lodging and is based on occupancy choice; ranges from $1,400 to $2,400/person. Contact us for specific information.

In this nature-based workshop, Ted Klontz, Ph.D creates activities to help you find a greater sense of purpose and connection by learning to listen to your own inner wisdom.   You will learn ways to align personal values and passions with how you spend your time each day, become more trusting of your own intuition. Because of the special structure of this program, space is very limited.

The format of this workshop is very different than the others. Participants go out each day and engage in a nature based exercise at various locations in the area. (Schedule is different for each workshop.)  Usually, the participants spend some time alone to listen deeply to their own inner voice.  Then, they return to the group to share any insights with others.  (Permission to pass is always respected.) Some light to moderate walking will be part of this program.  

Since this is a nature based workshop, people should expect to pack for changes in weather, carry a backpack, eat picnic lunches (often at local parks) and sit outside for several hours.

These workshops are each unique based on their location.  If you have specific questions about this particular workshop, please contact us.  Prior to the workshop we provide specifics to registrants about lodging, airports, local sites and schedule details.


The schedule for these workshops varies by location.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Ultimate Listening™

Transportation to the site is the responsibility of the attendee, including the transfer from the airport to the site.



  • Learn to listen to your inner voice with increased clarity.

  • Make decisions more easily which better reflect your needs and wants.

  • Align your values and passions with how you spend your time.

  • Gain more trust and confidence in your own wisdom.

  • Discover tools to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

  • Increase self awareness.



Experience Your Brain "On Nature" 

Being in nature allows the prefrontal cortex, which is our "Executive Brain" to slow down and rest, like an overused muscle.  By measuring brainwaves, scientists are proving that nature makes us healthier, happier and smarter.


Nature Based Self Discovery

When you get out in nature, whether it be a remote forest in a national park, or go for a walk in your neighborhood, you are elevating your mood, relaxing your mind and reducing stress.

Wilderness Soul Work - Bill Plotkin

Awaken to Your Wisest Self

Engage in nature based exercises designed to encourage you to listen to yourself.  Within a safe group of people, you have the opportunity to share what you discover.


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