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Exquisite Listening® Workshop

Master the Most Critical Business and Life Skill of All!


Exquisite Listening®

More and more research is pointing to good listening as the critical skill necessary in developing deeper relationships, reducing conflict, and finding fresh insights and ideas that fuel success.  Most people think the key to good communication is what they say and how they say it; focusing on presenting their own views more effectively. Although important, this is a misguided approach and represents missed opportunities. 

In this workshop, leading relationship expert, Dr. Ted Klontz, will provide numerous hands-on exercises for participants to experience new ways of listening.  Watch him bring the brain to life in a very creative demonstration with audience participation, setting the foundation for you to see and understand how brain functions relate to our emotions and how we communicate with others.

Dr. Klontz also uses the latest research on human behavior and communication to develop engaging activities for participants to practice what they are learning, including Stephen Rollnick’s “Motivational Interviewing,” Marshall Rosenberg’s “Non-violent Communication” and John Gottman’s principles on marriage.  After each practice session, there is time for questions and sharing.

This workshop has transformed relationships, brought people closer together, reduced conflict in partnerships and increased conversation around many dinner and corporate board room tables.


Currently there are no Exquisite Listening® workshops scheduled for 2024

*Please note that travel expenses, including (but not limited to) airfare, meals and lodging, for Exquisite Listening® workshops are the responsibility of the attendee. 


  • Connect more deeply with those who are important to you.​

  • Reduce conflict at home and at work.

  • Build confidence in your ability to lead and manage people.

  • Learn how to give and receive advice more effectively.

  • Increase trust with people.

  • Increase morale for yourself and those around you.



Learn about the brain’s “Trap Door”  

Communicate more effectively with people in your life based on the latest research on brain function, brain patterns and response to conflict.


6 Basic Human Needs

By identifying your own needs and recognizing the same in others, you can reduce conflict.  Practice having “loaded” conversations using techniques and strategies based on a new understanding of human needs.

Motivational Interviewing

Seek to understand versus be understood

Watch how trust is built, problems are solved and deeper connections are made when using this effective approach based on bestselling authors William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick


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