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Residency with Ted

An Ultimate Listening® Experience

Spend Time with Ted in the Black Hills

June 1 - 4, 2024

Rapid City, SD

Program Cost: $2,400/person - this includes stipends for the Lakota Resources participants will have the privilege of interacting with

Cost does not include transportation, lodging or food.

If you are interested in scheduling a private intensive with Ted to take place at “The Farm” outside of Nashville or near Boulder, Colorado contact us for details.

Residency with Ted

One of Ted’s favorite places on Earth is the magical Black Hills of South Dakota.  For years he offered large workshops there, but in 2023 shifted to instead provide an opportunity for an exclusive, personalized, highly customized, informal four-day experience for a small group of participants in the Hills.  While this “residency” may include some elements of the traditional Ultimate Listening® workshop, it will be unique in terms of is size and agenda.  Time together may include outings to Bear Butte, The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Spearfish Canyon, and/or other special places in the Black Hills National Forest.  There will be private time for personal reflection, group sharing and individual time with Ted.  Participants will actually help shape the program by having a personal conversation with Ted prior to the workshop. Opportunities for light to moderate hiking will be a part of this program, though those with mobility issues can be easily and seamlessly accommodated. 


Personal Note from Ted: “The Black Hills of South Dakota have been a spiritual home for me for over 50 years. The Hills have been and continue to be a holy and sacred ground for the Native Americans.


Being on the land and with the Native people who call it home has all served to heal my mind, body and spirit over the decades.  The people of this land have freely shared with me their wisdom, values, philosophy of life, nature-based spirituality and love for the land. Recently, I (along with a good friend of mine) was honored to be asked to become a brother (Hunka).  Included was the invitation to the friends and family there to become relatives and take part in a giant reconciliation (between our cultures).   


One of their practices that is relevant to me is that of sharing traditions, values and wisdom by sharing lessons learned. That is the sacred role of the elders. I have been aware (through my aching body) that I have become one of those.  I have just begun to understand my responsibility to share the resources I have used and share what I have experienced and learned with those who are ready to hear.   


I invite you to spend a few days with me in the Black Hills during which time we will talk, share insights, reflect, wonder, heal, learn from each other and ourselves by sharing our experience of what it means to be a Human Being.” 


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