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Maximize Financial Well Being for You and Your Clients


Program Courses:

  • Introduction to Financial Psychology

  • Applied Behavioral Finance

  • The Psychology of Personal Finances

  • The Psychology of Family Finances

  • Communication and Client Interviewing Skills

What You Will Learn:

  • How to improve your client acquisition, retention, communication and relationships 

  • How to effectively identify and intervene on financial beliefs and behaviors that are likely to adversely impact a client’s financial health 

  • How to assist clients with developing a healthy relationship with money 

  • How to help clients overcome resistance to change and take positive actions

  • How to aid clients in decreasing financial stress and increasing their income and net worth

Certificate In Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance

The mission of the Financial Psychology Institute® is to increase the understanding of how psychological factors impact financial behaviors, establish evidence-based practices for improving clients' financial health, and train financial and mental health professionals to work more effectively with clients.

These courses will be offered through Creighton University's Heider College of Business using the 8-week online graduate schedule, and will be instructed by Brad Klontz, Psy.D, CFP® and Ted Klontz, Ph.D. All five courses in the program are offered each calendar year. Courses in the program DO NOT have to be taken consecutively.

Completion of all five courses earns a Certificate in Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance from Creighton University and allows for application to become a Certified Financial Behavioral Specialist® (FBS®) through the Financial Psychology Institute®.  For more information please contact us.

Program Endorsements

  • Differentiate yourself as an expert in the field of financial behavior

  • Improve client acquisition, retention, service, communication & relationship

  • Gain skills to help work with couples and families around financial matters

  • Motivate clients to make behavior changes around money

  • Personally discover new beliefs about your own relationship with money

  • Increase client's financial health



Melissa K. Hammel, CFP®, NCC LPC/MHSP, FBS®

“Listening to and hearing the underlying needs of our clients and partners – The Financial Psychology Institute™ brings the critical importance of these areas to light.  As both a therapist and financial planner, I thought I 'knew' how to listen. Now I am learning to be present on a whole new level.  Can you imagine where this will lead for our clients?  Thank you Brad and Ted for such a thorough and in depth course of study.”

Neal Van Zutphen, M.S., CFP®, FBS®

"The study of the psychology of money, human motivation, emotions and behaviors is the next logical step of behavioral finance and neuro-economics. The Financial Psychology Institute™ is where counselors, financial advisors, and therapists can gain the evidence-based knowledge and clinical experience to help individuals and couples achieve financial health and subjective well-being. I have been a CFP® practitioner for almost 30 years and I’ve found no better place to obtain the skillsets needed to succeed in helping individuals achieve true financial health and wealth than the Financial Psychology Institute™.”

Robert V. Bolen, CFA, CFP®, FBS®


"Since starting my planning practice in 2003, I have sought out ways to better serve my clients in a holistic manner. I love the courses, tools, workshops and all that is 'life at the center of the financial planning process.' If there is a capstone course in integrating the left and right brains as applied to ‘money in support of life’ endeavors, it is the Financial Psychology Institute™. Grounded in research and filled with real world experiential application, Ted and Brad Klontz bridge academia and practice in an insightful, engaging, interactive and fun way. I love the learning and I’m clearly a better advisor for taking this course of study. However, it is the application with the clients, and their improved quality of life, that makes this endeavor truly worthy of pursuit.” 

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Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Financial Psychology program and the MBA with an emphasis in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance meet the educational requirements to be designated as a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist (FBS®). This designation establishes our graduates as experts in the field of financial behavior, financial therapy and financial psychology.


Financial Therapy is the first full-length guide to the field, bridging theory, practical methods, and a growing cross-disciplinary evidence base to create a framework for improving this crucial aspect of clients' lives. Its contributors identify money-based disorders such as compulsive buying, financial hoarding, and workaholism, and analyze typical early experiences and the resulting mental constructs ("money scripts") that drive toxic relationships with money. Clearly relating financial stability to larger therapeutic goals, therapists from varied perspectives offer practical tools for assessment and intervention, advice on cultural and ethical considerations, and provide instructive case studies. A diverse palette of research-based and practice-based models meets monetary mental health issues with well-known treatment approaches.

Facilitating Financial Health integrates the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and financial planning, equipping financial professionals with techniques to enhance their effectiveness by working with both the exterior and interior aspects of a  client's financial health. This guide presents a new model called Integrated Financial Planning to help clients achieve balanced and healthy financial lives.  Integrated Financial Planning encourages you to think beyond the traditional boundaries of your practice and to serve clients far more effectively.

With the newly revised 2nd Edition, Facilitating Financial Health remains a one-of-a-kind publication that bridges the gap between financial planners and mental health practitioners.

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Financial Psychology Institute®

Certificate in Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance through Creighton University

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