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What People Are Saying...

True Guidance Toward Peace in One's Self

I’ve enjoyed the gift of Ted’s counseling for the past several years.  Myself and my family have embraced his talents during tough times.  I have brought my closest clients to seek his counsel on career, personal tragedy, health, and a pathway to life’s physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.  Having embraced counseling in many forms for decades while investing countless hours and dollars in the search for “happiness”, Ted is the one individual who, above all others, has provided me and the ones I hold most dear, true guidance toward peace in one’s self.  

Calvin Wells III, Founder and President LNGA Consulting

Guided Me Through

Ted has guided me through the tough problems of transitioning a family business to the next generation. His guidance and ability to ask questions that can help look at issues from different perspectives, has helped me maintain a positive relationship with my two sons through unexplored areas for all of us.

Tom Mackey, President, Monode, Inc.

My Business Has Tripled

About five years ago Ted agreed to be my business consultant and life coach, and to teach me to listen. Since then my business has tripled, my significant relationships and health have greatly improved, and even my daughter says I’m a better listener - Ted is famous for his 'listening' seminars.

Phil Harris

Most Rare and Valuable

Diamonds, gold and other gems are valuable because the supply is limited and difficult to mine. It is the rarity, beauty, special-use and meaning that creates its store of value. Unlike diamonds and gold, there is only one Ted Klontz, Ph.D, making him most rare and valuable. His caring, compassionate consulting is a scarce resource of gems for the lifelong learner seeking development of his or hers’ exquisite listening and heart-to-heart communications skills. When we dig deep enough, we discover how to listen to our inner guides and use our strengths in service of others.   
The team at Intrinsic Wealth Counsel, Inc. and I count ourselves fortunate to continue to benefit from a single day’s consult. It is amazing to us how lessons from this 8 hour experience continue to bubble up well after the experience and enlighten how we interact with clients and team members. Ted’s calming, insightful wisdom enhanced our abilities to serve those seeking our care, skill and judgment. The value of this experience is exponential and potentially multigenerational as we use what we have learned to benefit our clients and ourselves.

Neal Van Zutphen, President Intrinsic Wealth Counsel, Inc. Financial Behavior Specialist

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“I received communication skills and techniques that will enable me to improve my relationships with the people I love most, as well as those that I encounter in work and everyday life.”

Ted is the best teacher I ever had.  He doesn't teach from a podium above me, but rather eye to eye, inviting me to be an equal."

"The exercises were all memorable! Provided me with wonderful skills and insight to be a better listener."

"The Touching Mortality workshop inspired me to live a more present-centered life, fully embracing the magic of waking up every day.  Also, to prepare myself and those I love for that eventual passing.  I believe this will help me to transition without fear & regret. "

Nashville, TN

“It was fantastic to be able to deepen my relationship with my partner.”

"Blessed me with stunning landscape, safety for my truths to be uncovered, the privilege to be among the wise."

"An awesome experience with other participants where we used props.  Very powerful!"

"a place to shed old tears 

a place to embrace my grief 

a place to build my dreams "

"An internal shift - patience, humility and new techniques to practice for better, quality relationships."

“A weekend of inspiration and introspection into what makes me... me... a journey through nature with open eyes and a better understanding of self.”

"Wonderful experience!  I feel my practice will benefit greatly."

"We come as strangers meeting with a common goal.   We discuss what that looks and feels like in a safe surrounding.  We leave with new friends; we share ideas and problems common to our mortality."

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