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Touching Mortality

Make Peace with Your Own Mortality

Currently we do not have any Touching Mortality workshops scheduled.  Please see our Ultimate Listening™ page for an alternate workshop choice.

*Please note that travel expenses and meals during the Touching Mortality workshops are the responsibility of the attendee. 

Touching Mortality

During this workshop, we will be focusing on our past, current and future relationship with mortality. The idea is to think of our own mortality as a family member, friend or neighbor who we’ve been expecting to appear at our door and call us away towards our next adventure. We do this by reaching out and proactively leaning in to develop a friendship with mortality instead of waiting for it to touch us one final time.

Similar to the "Ultimate Listening" workshop, this is a nature based workshop. As a participant, you will spend time outside doing reflective exercises to deeply listen to that part of yourself that you don't know very well. There is an ancient, wise part of us who may feel unfamiliar and is difficult to "hear" but, actually has something important for us to know.  The exercises are meant to help you turn your attention inward and listen to that part.  Each day, you will engage in the exercises by spending time alone, usually outside.  In the silence of solitude, you will be more able to listen and develop a relationship with your own mortality. Then, you will have the opportunity to return to the group and share your discoveries.

Since this is a nature based workshop, people should expect to pack for changes in weather, carry a backpack, eat picnic lunches and sit outside for several hours.  These workshops are each unique based on their location.  If you have specific questions about this particular workshop, please contact us

  • ​Experience a sense of peace around your own mortality

  • Connect with others at a deeper level

  • Gain insight around behaviors that aren't working for you

  • Understand how to balance your life so it aligns with your own values & passions

  • Increase trust within yourself

  • Discover your own inner wisdom




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