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Touching Mortality

Make Peace with Your Own Mortality

If you are interested in scheduling a private intensive with Ted to take place at “The Farm” outside of Nashville or near Boulder, Colorado contact us for details.

May 16 - 19, 2024

The Farm - Franklin, TN

Cost: $995/person

Cost does not include transportation, lodging or food.

Touching Mortality

These last few years, for some of us, living in the middle of this unprecedented (at least in our lifetimes) world-wide pandemic has lowered our ability to deny the existence of our own and other’s mortality.  It has shown us just how fragile life is.  For some of us the current situation has altered our perspective of life/mortality/death as we have experienced so many novel personal, relational, emotional, cultural, and spiritual shifts. 

These times remind us that our own personal relationship with mortality isn’t just about us.  We are more conscious of how our mortality is intertwined with other people, as we assess, daily, our risk of contracting and/or potentially giving it to others.  Add to that, the sense of isolation, disconnect and distancing, and we can find it very difficult to process all that is happening to us.

This workshop will explore our past, current and future relationship with mortality and will be organized with the intent of each participant developing a pro-active relationship with it.  Much like taking the initiative to dedicate time and energy to get to better know a distant family member, friend or neighbor, participants will be invited, through a series of exercises, to intentionally engage with their mortality. 

The workshop will be structured so that participants will have time alone doing personal reflective exercises and also will provide the opportunity to share, if they choose, their experiences with fellow group members. 


  • ​Experience a sense of peace around your own mortality

  • Connect with others at a deeper level

  • Gain insight around behaviors that aren't working for you

  • Understand how to balance your life so it aligns with your own values & passions

  • Increase trust within yourself

  • Discover your own inner wisdom


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