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The Reid Family Foundation and Ted Klontz, Ph.D


Sheri Reid Grant, President of The Reid Family Foundation and daughter of the Founder, Glenn J. Reid, says that the greatest gift her father ever gave her was the gift of possibility. When she was asked to run her family foundation, back in 2004, she knew she had found her true calling.  Until his passing in 2013, she worked side by side with her father to make a difference through grant making and educational programs.

At about the same time Sheri joined The Reid Family Foundation, she met Dr. Ted Klontz while shooting hoops during a break at a workshop he was leading.  It was his combination of kindness and wisdom that compelled Sheri to want to learn from him.  Something told her that he could transform her life for the good…which he did and continues to do.  What a priceless gift!

These two special men inspired Sheri to commit herself to finding a way to share their gifts with others through her philanthropic work at The Reid Family Foundation. 

With that in mind, she created a mobile educational workshop model in order to take programming to where it is needed most and is working with Dr. Klontz to offer a fully funded workshop series called, The Art & Science of Effective Conversation.  It is her greatest hope that by making these workshops accessible to everyone, lives will be enriched and transformed… just like hers.

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