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  • Dr. Ted Klontz

Random Thoughts - May

I was having a life and death discussion (truly) with a friend about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life when we crested a hill and what exploded into awe inspiring view was a range of snow capped mountains stretching 270 degrees before us. We were both struck speechless by the unexpected vista. Then he exclaimed, “Whatever IT is, that’s it!” I agreed, It is.

I love BBQ’d artichokes. As I was preparing them to grill the other night, I thought, Artichokes are so very much like human beings. The closer one gets to their hearts, the sweeter, more tender, and grander the experience of being with them is; with the last bit being the best. Lessons from an artichoke.

“Better Mental Health” is the answer that a fair number of people suggest is THE answer to the mass shootings of children. I’m all for that. Where do we start first with the diagnosis and treatment? I’d propose that we start with people such as the Tennessee legislators (they merely represent a much larger national chorus, btw) who have responded to the recent school executions in Nashville by rushing into law an emergency piece of legislation. This legislation which was signed off on “quietly” by their esteemed governor further indemnifies the manufactures and purveyors of weapons from any responsibility. I’m sure there is a narrative out there that suggests it’s the very first thing that needs to happen to stop this crisis in our country. I’m not sure what the meaning of insanity is, but……

The young one was asked, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I held my breath. He said, “a doctor.” I was hoping he would say “me.” I was reminded that he lives in America. A land where you have to “earn a living.”

I read of those young people who threw food at a famous painting. When I heard of it I thought “what in the world were they thinking?“ Then as I was walking out of the convenience store this afternoon this thought came to me from somewhere. What if someone came up to me just before I started my car and said “if you start that car your youngest grandchild will immediately die because they have will have no more air to breathe.“ I probably would not start my car. I wonder if that’s what they were trying to tell us? “We are your grandchildren, if you continue doing what you are doing, you will kill us.” We don’t seem to be paying attention to regular means of their telling us.

I am sure that there is logic behind the economy of hacking people’s identities. I’m guessing it is a big business opportunity. If so, I get it. Even so, I have trouble understanding what kind of a personal deficit would cause someone to spend their days doing such things. If it isn’t about making money, perhaps it is about killing time, or lack of authentic connection to anyone and anything within their world. Maybe this activity takes that place. Or perhaps the occupation of professional “impressionist” is overcrowded, or they are just playing the same game as some legitimate “business,” and I just don’t like being so personally, visibly, and directly, victimized?

I wonder longingly how the world might be different if instead of “Robert’s Rules of Order,” the bible of how meetings should be conducted, was instead, “Roberta’s Rules of Order?”

Speaking of bibles, I have a collection of 700 + poems that I use and read from. I have an additional collection of 600 + quotes I have collected over my lifetime. As I was reaching for my notebook full of them the other day, someone jokingly referred to it, as my bible. At first, I was embarrassed. I don’t see them that way. Upon further reflection, in a way, they were right.

I wonder what I would do if shortly after I was able to read, I had been given a book entitled “This Will Be Your Life.” Would I have wanted to read it? Would I have been permitted to read it. Or would it be banned by others who believed they knew better than to let me read it? Or, if having read it, would want to live it? Your answer?

If I am not asking myself, “What’s this all about” from time to time, I, like Rip Van Winkle, have gone to sleep with all the inherent risks.

If I ever doubted (and I haven’t) how the presence of prejudice, bias and “isms” in our culture are expressed in behaviors, I need only look at what politicians propose to “cut” first from the federal budget, and who will be most impacted. It is also obvious who will be least impacted. That represents bias also.


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