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  • Dr. Ted Klontz

Random Thoughts - July

I’ve learned over and over again, often through pain, to be wary of anything and anyone that claims to be everything. That includes me, though recently I did discover “The Theory of Everything.”😊.

I wonder what Donald Trump wonders about.

I pay to go to the gym to exercise, I park as close to the building as possible, and walk through the automatically opening doors rather than open one to the side of it. Seems to be some irony here.

I was with friends who introduced me to their 10-month-old baby. I asked if they had seen her interact with a mirror. They said “ Yes every time she sees herself in the mirror, she goes up to her reflection and kisses it.” I wonder what happens to us that we, at least most of us, don’t have that same sense of loving ourselves when we look into the mirror? They went on to tell me of a woman that they know, who does the adult version of what their baby does. She throws herself a kiss when she sees herself in the mirror. How cool!!! I might just try that. Once, just as an experiment.

During one of my workshops, a young lady brought me a stalk of flowering lavender. I smelled the flower; not much happening there. Then she suggested that I smell the leaves. Another lesson learned; sometimes the sweetest essence is found in the leaves, not the flower. THAT has profound implications for my world view.

Watching the daily gift of early morning Panamanian rainbows (the only place I have been where the rainbows formed below me and where I have watched them develop, from beginning to end, as if I were drawing them) reminds me, “No rain, no rainbows.” By the way, I have developed a sure-fire ‘formula’ for finding rainbows. (This is one of those useless pieces of information that I am full of) . Position yourself so that SMR is engaged. (S) Sun behind me. (M) Me in the middle. (R) Rain in front of me. SMR. You are welcome.

Speaking of rainbows, I tried photographing one. I couldn’t get it all in one picture. It stretched from horizon to horizon. It was huge. Perhaps they are all that big, and I had just never had that large of a perspective.

More rainbow wonderings…I wonder if the birds I saw, that seemed to be flying through those rainbows saw them too. Or maybe, like us humans, have no awareness that we are moving through rainbows when they have formed.

Three of us walked into a local party store for lunch. I unknowingly still had my name tag on my shirt from a workshop. The young clerk looked down at my name tag and greeted me, “Hi Ted.” That felt cool. I looked at hers and said “Hi, Fran.” She smiled and I immediately wondered how different the world would be if we all walked around with our names on our chests, and the first interaction we had would be to greet or be greeted by each other’s name. It had made a difference for me in that moment, and for Fran. We talked about the ‘what ifs…” I’m guessing it would change things. For the better. We are not really strangers; we just haven’t met and learned to appreciate and love each other yet.

Poverty, economic and otherwise, is an acid that eventually can destroy positivity from the inside out.

I was reminded after witnessing an exchange between a mother and her daughter, if I have a dog and scream at it, COME HERE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I WANT TO PET YOU!!!! She is more likely to run in the other direction. People too. They respond much more to how I say something than what I say.

The moment I produce a “solution” or “plan of action,” I have shut down all other explanations or possibilities. I have been bedeviled by “premature action” more than I would care to remember.

Pistachios are one of those things that we don’t know we need until we eat our first one. And I remember when they came in red and green. I wonder what genius thought of that. And the other who “un-thought” that.

In my opinion, addictions and compulsions are simply efforts to feed unmet needs. Emotional, physical and spiritual. As well as tools to try to deal with the stress and pressure of living too exclusively in an authentically inauthentic world, with no go-to, easy route to our authentic selves and others living there.

I was typing and wrote “FaceBook.” Auto correct turned that into “Fake Book.” I was left to wonder, to what degree AI has become more discerning than I have.

I was wondering if female elves are called elvises?


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