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Often referred to as "The People Whisperer".

Associate professor of Practice and Financial Psychology at Creighton University.

Director of the Financial Psychology Institute™.


Professional consultant for major entertainment management groups.


International speaker.

Published researcher and author who has contributed to 6 books. 


Workshop developer and leader.

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Ted walks you directly to the heart of the matter, has prismatic insight, makes the overwhelming and seemingly impossible possible, and has changed my life so indescribably for the better. I could write a book! 

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Ted's Blog

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October 30, 2019  by Ted Klontz

 “…… each represented a philosophy of life. Each committed to the death of the other. One - the “old way”– described as self-destructive, and yet it has kept him alive so far - he recycles these proven tools even while acknowledging that they never did work all that well, and they continue to injure him too…..”


What follows is what a client wrote to me, at my suggestion, about what he is currently experiencing.    If you are touched by this, as I was, you may have been at that place in life where what used to work, doesn't anymore and it feels like it is a life or death moment.  Sometimes, those who call themselves writers, or poets or artists or philosophers, as they share their journey, speak to me of my own experiences.  And they do it in a way in which I hadn’t quite been able to put together – using their words, in unique and elegant ways.  Receiving this was one of those times.

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