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The Art and Science of Effective Conversation

Experiential Listening Workshop

Filling Your Toolbox with Essential Tools to Show What You Hear

Experiential Listening

Would you like to understand and be understood more clearly in conversation? How about reducing conflict in your personal and professional relationships? Or maybe you'd like your children to open up and talk to you more.  This engaging, hands-on workshop, led by Ted Klontz, Ph.D, will help you do all that and more. You will learn to "show" what you hear using the latest evidence based tools and techniques.  This training is specifically designed to make conversation a visual experience as well as a listening one. This unique approach engages the entire brain; increasing our ability to hear others and be heard by others more deeply.

Experiential Listening shares and allows you to practice specific, hands on, evidence based tools and techniques designed to take advantage of what neuroscientist research is suggesting can be more effective ways of influencing behaviors. This program focuses on the theoretical basis for experiential learning, as well as the methods involved in the process. It also includes presentations, practice sessions, case studies and topical sessions. This workshop is specifically designed to co-create, share and practice tools that help us listen to others (and ourselves) more deeply and in a profound manner using activities that intentionally involve the sensory system in unique ways.


The schedule for these workshops varies by location.  Please contact us directly with any questions. 

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of what you hear

  • Reduce tension in difficult conversations

  • Learn by doing as you practice with others in the group

  • ​Add specific visual strategies to your skill set for presentations or casual conversations

  • Improve meeting effectiveness at work

  • Increase understanding of others and their understanding of you


We do not currently have an Experiential Listening workshop scheduled.

If you are interested in scheduling a private intensive with Ted to take place at “The Farm” outside of Nashville or near Boulder, Colorado contact us for details



Tap into the Lower 2/3 of Your Brain  

Deepen understanding through visual communication in order to use the whole brain when in conversation.


Reducing anxiety during difficult conversations

By identifying your own needs and recognizing the same in others, you can reduce conflict.  Practice having “loaded” conversations using sensory tools to engage the brain fully and reduce anxiety.

John Gottman Method

An Approach to Strengthening Relationships

Practice listening using exercises based on John Gottman's pioneering research that revolutionized the study of what works in relationships and what doesn't..


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