On The Road To Find Out

"Not to be afraid when you are all alone is the only true way of being not afraid" . Olga Jacoby About 40 years ago I was living through a series of reversals of life that I would have never predicted and had been promised wouldn’t happen if I would just do the right thing (as they instructed me to do). At that point everything that I had grown up believing in had proven to be untrue. My unquestioned loyalty to my religion and church, it’s teachings, the community of relatives and friends that constituted my actual and church family, the promise of marriage, connection with my two precious children, the reality of the educational system I worked in, (“one doesn’t dare care what happens to k


As a young teacher, in my late 20’s, our school system instituted a curriculum called “Unit Step” that, among other things, divided the subject of American History into 6-week, mini-courses. I loved the idea and credited that change with saving my teaching career, because teachers could pick and choose our favorite eras of American History and teach about them. For reasons I did not understand at the time, but do now, I had always been drawn towards the history of the peoples who lived on this continent before my European ancestors arrived. The class I created was called “Pre-Colonial American History.” As I gathered information and studied that period from primary sources (original letter

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